Treasury Board

What is the Treasury Board?

The purpose of Treasury Board is to oversee the allocation and use of SGA funds – which are collected by Hollins University on behalf of students as dues from the undergraduate population – in such a way that is financially responsible and exhibits the greatest capacity for benefitting the entire Hollins University community. The Board will be responsible for awarding budgets to all SGA clubs and organizations for each fiscal year through Budget Hearings and providing emergency funding for unforeseen expenditures during the year through petitions.

Who is on the Treasury Board?

Treasury Board will consist of seven core members:

  • SGA Treasurer
  • Club Coordinator
  • Athletic Chair
  • Senior Class Treasurer
  • Junior Class Treasurer
  • Sophomore Class Treasurer
  • First-Year Class Treasurer

For more information on the Treasury Board, please visit page 17 of the SGA Bylaws.