What is Roundtable?

Roundtable is a group of student leaders that are charged with the goal of authoring constitutionally sound initiatives and stances on behalf of the student body. Roundtable advocates on behalf of students and works with campus administrators to ensure the Hollins community’s needs are met.

Who sits on Roundtable?

● SGA President
● SGA Vice President
● SGA Secretary
● SGA Treasurer
● HCA Chairs (Honor Court, Student Conduct, Appeal Board)
● Academic Policy Board Chair
● Club Coordinator
● Social Media Coordinator
● HAB Chair
● Athletic Chair
● All Class Presidents

For a comprehensive list of current students serving in SGA Leadership Positions such as Roundtable, visit the directory.

How do I contact Roundtable?

Send an email to any Roundtable member you feel comfortable with or to the SGA President. You may also attend the first 15 minutes of any Roundtable meeting to speak to Roundtable as a whole as well as approach any Roundtable member after Senate. If you plan to attend a Roundtable meeting in order to speak with us, please let a Roundtable member know so that we may make sure you are given proper time to talk with us.

How do I become a Roundtable member?

Roundtable members are either elected or appointed. Click here to find out more about these processes.