SGA Directory

This serves as a directory of students who hold SGA leadership positions. Categories are in alphabetical order. Positions that are underlined indicate Roundtable membership.

If you are interested in filling a vacant position, please contact the SGA Secretary.

Academic Policy Board

Academic Policy Chair: Pragya Khanal (


Athletic Chair:  Hanna DeVarona (


Club Coordinator: Shuvechchha Kunwar (

Executive Cabinet

SGA President : Julia Polk (

SGA Vice President:  Vanity Hernandez (

SGA Secretary:  Lia Pedro (

SGA Treasurer:  Aditi Sharma (

Hollins Activity Board (HAB)

HAB Chair:  Caylin Smith (

Formal Events: Mary Rash (

Performance Arts: Tensae Mengistu (

Traditions: Madina Lavertu (

Novelty: Paige Russell (

Honor Conduct  and Appeal Board

Honor Court Chair:  Tori Carter (

Student Conduct Chair: Simran Parajulee (

Appeal Board Chair:  Em Miller (


Senate Vice Chair: Sarah Himes (

Senate Secretary: Meisoon Shalaby (

Social Media 

Social Media Coordinator: Ellie Song (

2021 Cabinet

President: Emma McAnirlin (

Vice President: Megan Bull (

Secretary: Molly Sullivan (

Treasurer: Gianna Barone (

Senator: Andi Brown (

2022 Cabinet      

President:  Yashelle Hunte (

Vice President: Smriti Katwal (

Secretary: Mollie Davis (

Treasurer: Summer Jaime (

Senator: VACANT

2023 Cabinet

President: Jaiya McMillan (

Vice President: Marissa Gannon (

Secretary: Salima Driss (

Treasurer: Elizabeth Klein (

Senator: Arin Waters (

2024 Cabinet

President: Sim Windley (

Vice President: Shannon Elizabeth O’Hare (

Secretary: Adriana Harrison (

Treasurer: Regan Tate (

Senator: Hannah Sandy (