Honor, Conduct, and Appeals Board

What is the Honor, Conduct, and Appeals Board?

The Honor, Conduct, and Appeal (HCA) Board is a student-led organization whose goal is to uphold the Hollins University honor and conduct system. The HCA Board at Hollins University is not intended to punish or discipline students. Rather, it exists to protect the interests of the community and to educate those whose behavior is not in accordance with core values. Board Chairs and the Conduct Coordinator are responsible for reviewing complaints, determining if complaints hold merit and should be heard, and assign cases to the appropriate hearing body which is made up of Hollins students and a staff or faculty advisor. This system makes Hollins unique in its ability to trust its students with great amount of responsibility. As a result of this trust, the student body has effectively created an environment which honors the Student Conduct system and Honor Code, holding all of its students up to a standard that encourages honesty and hard work.

You can find more about how we work and what we do in the SGA Bylaws!

Leah Wilkins ’23
Honor Court Chair

Student Conduct Chair

Appeal Board Chair