Constitution & Bylaws

SGA Constitution

Article 1: Purpose

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to provide a means by which the students may consider issues, formulate policies, and carry out programs in areas of student and community concern within a flexible framework for self-governance. SGA seeks to stand as a guardian of student rights and to provideĀ extended channels of communication, increased areas of cooperation, a varied offering of co-curricular programs, and an acceptance of shared community responsibility among faculty, staff, administration, and students.

Article 2: Membership

All undergraduate students of Hollins University are members of SGA. As members of SGA, all students are required to sign the Honor Code within three weeks of their arrival on campus.

Article 3: Executive Organization

Section 1: Purpose

All Executive powers of SGA shall be vested in SGA Roundtable with the goal of authoring constitutionally sound initiatives and stances on behalf of the student body.

Section 2: Membership

The Roundtable will include:

  • SGA President
  • SGA Vice President
  • SGA Secretary
  • SGA Treasurer
  • HCA Chairs
  • Academic Policy Board Chair
  • Club Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • HAB Chair
  • Athletic Chair
  • The four class presidents

Ad hoc positions may be added as needed, if approved by a 50% plus one vote of the current Roundtable and Senate.

Section 3: Impeachment

Any member of the student body can bring forth an elected or appointed member for investigation by presenting support of charges with evidence. Possible grounds for impeachment are suspension, dismissal, permanent separation, negligence, dereliction

of duty, and other infractions deemed sufficient.

Article 4: Legislative Organization

Section 1: Purpose

All legislative powers of SGA shall be vested in the student Senate. The legislative powers shall include all issues related to student life and budgetary affairs within the control and responsibilities of SGA.

Section 2: Membership

The voting members of Senate shall be the SGA Roundtable, the Vice President and Senator from each class, residence hall representatives, one commuter representative, one Horizon representative, all committee chairs of HAB, and one representative from each SGA sponsored club.

Article 5: Judicial Organization

Section 1: Purpose

All Judicial powers of SGA shall be vested in the student Honor, Conduct, and Appeals Board (HCA). Judicial powers shall include all issues concerning the Honor Code, Student Code of Conduct, non-traffic related vehicular violations, and constitutional interpretation.

Section 2: Membership

The chairs and members of the HCA Board are appointed through the SGA appointment process.

Article 6: The Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee

Section 1: Purpose
  • To read and review all legislation, guidelines, bylaws, and amendments prior to any vote in Senate
  • To ensure coherency in all documents of governance
Section 2: Membership

The CBRC shall consist of:

  • The chair, who shall be the Appeal Board Chair
  • The co-chair, who shall be the SGA Vice President
  • One to three members of Roundtable
  • Two to four members of the community at large will be appointed to the Committee at the discretion of the chair

What are Bylaws?

Bylaws are the terms in which a student leader serves the campus community. The SGA bylaws include what is under the jurisdiction of each campus leader or organization as well as checks and balances.

SGA Bylaws

Current as of 9/29/2021